Mimosura offers a Stunning Range of Traditional Harmony Ball Pendants in Sterling Silver. The Harmony Ball contains a small bell inside a nest of rings which vibrates gently against the often decorative silver ball pendant when you move and creates a slight yet beautiful sound. The sound, like a soft wind chime is subtle but noticeable, and is said to create a feeling of calm or "harmony" in whoever wears it and is sure to make almost anyone relax.

Our silver bead pendants are not only excellent quality but they are beautiful and really affordable!! They are made of 925 Sterling Silver and the fact that they are beads makes them more comfortable and user-friendly for younger girls. Hang them on a bracelet or off a necklace...pair the pendant with a color coordinated leather cord from Mimosura - and create your own look that will make any girl very happy! You can't go wrong with these beauties - they are colorful, they are fun, they will make a great gift that will not break the bank! And at our price you will have a hard time choosing just one...

And now we offer a cute collection of sparkle, crystal beads.   These are offered in all birthstone colours.  Mix and match on either a bracelet or necklace...and make a lovely customized gift perfect for her!

Safety first...better safe than sorry... we suggest refraining from any jewellery with pendants until the child is at least 3 years old...our jewellery is meant to adorn and admire - but try to convince a baby or toddler of that!