Baby Earrings

We often get asked "when is it the right time to pierce"?  The answer is it is completely up to the parents!

For parents who decide to do it early, it is critical to put the RIGHT earrings on your baby!  First start with the quality of the earring - our 18K gold is hypoallergenic and minimizes chances of allergic reactions.  Sterling Silver is also a good option...ours is .925 Sterling Silver.

Next the design of the earring...We offer FLAT BACKINGS that will prevent posts from poking your baby behind their ear.  These backings are screw backs so they are very secure.  Once on, our hope is that your baby will literally forget she is wearing them!  They are comfortable AND they also sit away from the backings sit away from the skin.  Because the backings are designed to not touch the back of the ear lobe, this will help keep the piercing cleaner (minimizing build up behind the earring) and it will provide better air circulation behind the earring - ALL helping making our earrings more hypoallergenic.

Our earrings also come with shorter posts.  Adult earring posts normally measure anywhere from 10-12mm....Ours measure 7mm or 8mm.  Both are a good length for a baby's chubby earlobe - but will fit more comfortably.

Our screw back collection is PTPA Approved - meaning it is Parent Test and Parent Approved!  They are made in Spain with the highest craftsmanship and quality of product.

Please note that piercings cannot be done with our earrings.  18K gold and Sterling Silver are far too soft metals to pierce with...The last thing you want is for the post to bend as it is piercing for the first time.  Establishments that pierce will use a clean, sterilized earring (usually surgical steel or 10K gold) that will ensure a clean piercing.  After 4 weeks or so you can then switch out those earrings for ours (18K gold or sterling silver) which will also help in the healing of the piercing with the design benefits described above!

This collection helps parents pick the designs that are smaller and a better scaled fit to a baby's ear...



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