Harmony Ball - Sterling Silver Heart


Harmony Ball - Sterling Silver Heart



Mimosura offers a stunning range of traditional Harmony Ball pendants in Sterling Silver. The Harmony Ball contains a small bell which vibrates gently against a decorative silver ball pendant.  When you move it creates a delicate and beautiful sound. The sound, like a soft wind chime is subtle but noticeable, and is said to create a feeling of calm or "harmony" in whoever wears it. Harmony Balls are often also called Pregnancy Harmony Balls. The traditional Pregnancy Harmony Ball originates from both Balinese and Mexican (Mayan) cultures. It is a symbol of calm and relaxation, and has been used by pregnant women in these cultures for centuries. These make a great accessory for moms-to-be! Wear it every day and let the soft soothing chime accompany you wherever you go! In certain cultures Harmony Balls often become a keepsake, passed from Mother to Daughter following a tradition of several centuries.

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