Rose Gold Plated Collection

Rose Gold Collection

This beautiful collection is made of .925 Sterling Silver covered in glorious rich and beautiful Rose Gold.

These pieces are made of .925 Sterling Silver (92.5%) and the remaining percentage is made up of copper. The varying percentage of copper used determines the color of the gold. The more copper that is used, the stronger the rose color.

If you are wondering how long the rose gold plating will last there are a number of things to consider.   
1.  The thickness of the plating. Thicker plating layers last longer.  We offer high-quality micron plating that lasts a long time depending on how the jewelry is maintained. 
2.  The amount of contact the jewellery has with the world. Plating on a ring will normally wear off much faster on a ring that on a bracelet or necklace.  To extend the life of your rose gold we also recommend removing your piece any time you take a shower or go for a swim!
3. The underlying metal. Gold, rose gold, or rhodium plating adheres better to some metals (like silver or gold) and not as well to others.  We only use .925 Sterling Silver.

In the event the plating does wear, re-plating is fast and inexpensive — many jewellers offer it as a service - as with rhodium plating on your sterling silver or gold.

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