Child Safe Earrings

What makes our earrings safe and comfortable

Piercing Babies' Ears
Having a baby or youngster's ears pierced is very common. Before you run out to buy earrings, you need to be aware of what to look for to make your children's earrings safe. This lets you be confident that not only will the little lady look lovely but she will be out of harm's way, as well.

Flat Backing
Our easy to use "Comfort Fit" backings screw tightly into place.  The backing sits away from the back of the ear piercing keeping it cleaner - reducing the need to periodically remove and clean the ear and earrings.  You can comfortably wear our earrings for months at a time - day, night, in water...anytime and anywhere.  Our earrings are comfortable and excellent quality.  The 18K gold or sterling silver also does not tarnish or deteriorate with extended periods of use.

Earring Posts
Long adult earring posts are too long for children; they can cut into the head of the child and cause injury or discomfort. Shorter posts are better for children's earrings.  


Hypoallergenic Jewellery

Pure metal hypoallergenic earrings from Mimosura minimizes the chance of your little one's to suffer allergic reactions. Our jewellery collections are offered in 18-karat yellow gold or sterling silver - never plated.  Not only are they of excellent quality, but you can be confident that they are also safe for your child's delicate skin!

Checking for Metal Allergies

Did you know that 1 in every 7 people is allergic to nickel? Before you buy any piece of jewellery for your child, you have to make sure you know what metals are in the piece. For example, if your child is allergic to nickel and you buy any jewellery with even the slightest amount of nickel in it, her skin might react to it, leading to irritations or rashes.

18-Karat Gold
This is the purest and strongest karat level of gold available in jewellery, with no nickel whatsoever. Using such highly pure metal minimizes the potential risk of allergic reactions with delicate skin, making it the safest and most hypoallergenic metal.

.925 Sterling Silver

Although there are some people who are allergic to silver, most people who are allergic to nickel are not allergic to silver because sterling silver is an almost pure metal usually made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals like zinc or copper, so it does not contain nickel, the most common source of allergies.

Enamelling on jewellery

Please wear your enameled jewelry with care. Just as a dropped glass can shatter, enamelling can shatter or crack if banged against another object or dropped. Because enamel is essentially glass, it must be treated as such. While techniques have improved, and our enamel pieces are designed with the utmost quality and care, little things such as medications you may be on, or lotions and shampoo can react with the jewelry you are wearing and may cause the enamel to chip or wear faster than expected. Wear your items with care.  Do not expose them to perfumes or other chemicals, remove all jewelry before bathing, swimming or immersing in a hot bath.  

We recommend this same care of use with any pearled earrings as well.

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