Teething Jewellery Collection


Mimosura is thrilled to introduce our line of teething jewellery.

Where are teething toys when you need them?  Sometimes on the floor, sometimes at the bottom of a diaper bag covered in lint, sometimes forgotten at home all together...
Wearing your Teething Jewellery allows you to always have something on hand and easily accessible..AND it is safe for baby...AND it literally looks like jewellery for mom!!   All our necklaces are made with a nylon cord that has a tear away clasp...just in case baby pulls really hard, these clasps are designed to give way.  Mom wears these pieces, not baby...so your hands are free to cuddle, care for and hold your baby.  The jewellery is there for them to have fun with!!
All our our pieces are FDA approved - non-toxic, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free.

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