Hoops and Huggies

Mimosura Jewellery for Kids is THRILLED to offer hoop earrings in 18K gold or .925 Sterling Silver.  We NEVER sell anything plated so you can be assured the quality of the metals your daughter will be using will not only be the BEST quality but it will also prove to be hypoallergenic.  You NEVER know what alloys are blended into plated metals so we think Mimosura girls deserve this quality!  

Our hoops are special because they close in the front of the earring.  This makes them not only more comfortable and easy to apply but you will also be sure to not have any posts stabbing or poking behind the ear!  So ingenious!

We invite you to look at our adorable designs .... and as always our earrings come in a beautiful gift box and shipping is included in our pricing for Canadian and US customers!

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