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"After two beautiful boys I cannot explain how thrilled I was to find out I was having a little girl!  Finally, my princess!  After she was born - and as she grew up into an age where she could gussy herself up - I very quickly found out how hard it was to find jewellery that was appropriate for kids.  Not 'cute' adult jewellery...not jewellery made from cheap metal alloys with 'who knows what' under the silver plating...not 10K or even 14K gold that has LOTS of cheaper alloys blended into it.  I wanted 18K gold..I wanted flat backing earrings so posts would not stab her behind her ear...I wanted pieces scaled to her little size...I wanted good quality pieces I could be confident would not harm her delicate skin.  That was the beginning of Mimosura (which is my nickname for my daughter - that literally means cute and cuddly).  Having travelled the world before getting married I knew these products existed - they were just not available in Canada...until now!  We invite you to browse, be delighted and be confident that anything we sell is made with the purest of materials - and really designed for comfort and safety of anyone who wears Mimosura!"

Cristina - Owner and creator of Mimosura - Jewellery for Kids

* Different * Safe * Ingenious * Affordable * Comfortable * Beautiful *
Our business started with our PTPA award winning earrings - and it has evolved into offering our customers a "one stop shop" for different, interesting and safe jewellery products for kids - and moms!  We have set out to bring you the very best the world has to offer in jewellery for kids.  Gold from Spain and South America, Silver from Italy and Mexico, designers throughout Europe and even products made in the USA...all corners of the world work together to bring this special collection to you!  Based in Canada - we ship ANYWHERE in the world - so everyone can enjoy our collections!
Pierced ears are not for all kids...If you are apprehensive to pierce those ears...a very personal choice for parents AND the child herself- we have an alternative!  We offer a beautiful line from USA based bink'd Temporary water transfer tattoos (ALSO a PTPA Award winning product) in LOTS of adorable styles for girls and boys.  These are small and can be applied anywhere (ear lobes, fingers, toes, skin, toys!!)  VERY FUN and they last 4-7 days on the skin!

For kids (we recommend at least three years old) we also offer delightful pendants, harmony ball pieces,teething jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, olive wood jewellery from the Holy Land and more that will be sure to delight everyone (we even have a collection for boys)!  
We have even introduced a line of medic alert jewellery designed with the size and comfort of children in mind.  Silicone bracelets are more comfortable - and really adjustable to fit the smallest of wrists!!  Make medical ids fun, keep them safe and stylish with these potentially life saving pieces!
We are constantly evolving, searching and bringing you new and innovative products.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with Mimosura Jewellery for Kids!
One thing never changes...we do not sell anything plated...ALL our products are made of 18Karat Gold, .925 Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel, leather, BPA free silicone... so you can be assured that not only will your gift be beautiful - but it will be safe to delicate and precious skin.
Jewellery offers a timeless gift - and our collections make these the perfect present for your little girl - or boy!

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