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Evil Eye Bracelet - Blue


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These blue evil eye beads of Anatolia have been smiling for thousands of years.  Blue - A symbol of protection and Red or Pink - A symbol of good luck... it is also known in most languages : 

In English as evil eye, evil look - 

In French Mauvais Oeil - 

In German böse Blick - 

In Arabic ayin hasad (eye of envy) - 

In Armenian pasternak - Yiddish aynore or ahore from Hebrew ayin harac - 

In Hungarian szemmel verés (beating with eyes) - 

In Polish oko proroka ( the eye of the prophet ) - 

In Sicilian jettatura (casting) / Italian - Malocchio - 

In Brazilian Portuguese has olho gordo (fat eye) or quebranto (breaker) - 

In Spanish mal de ojo (the eye's curse or ojo turco - ojito turco)- 

In Irish droch-shuil - 

In Greek matiasma or mati someone refers to the act of cursing someone with the evil eye

These bracelets are elastic for comfort and fit of almost any sized wrist.  Unstretched the bracelet measures 2" in diameter.  The beads are made from resin.

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