Delicate Evil Eye Bracelet - Red


Delicate Evil Eye Bracelet - Red

Mimosura Jewellery for Kids


This elegant evil eye bracelet has 16 tiny (5mm) glass eye beads - set into this 7" bracelet.  

Not so obviously evil eye, it is pretty and still serves to ward off "the evil eye", Albanian as syni keq, in Romanian as "deochi", in Spanish as "mal de ojo", in Italian as "il malocchio", in Portuguese "mau-olhado" ("act of giving an evil/sick look"), in Swedish as "ge onda ögat" (to give an evil look), and in Hawaiian it is known as "stink eye" or maka pilau meaning "rotten eyes".

Red: Courage protection.  Increased enthusiasm.  Interest more energy action.  Confidence to go after your dreams.  Protection from fears and anxieties

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