Yin Yang Necklace Set


Yin Yang Necklace Set Yin Yang Necklace Set

Yin Yang Necklace Set



Courtesy of Yin Yang Symbol Meaning - Chinese Philosophy

Yin-Yang is one of the most famous symbol of Chinese philosophy. The image of the symbol is a circle which consists of two teardrop-shaped halves – one black (yin) and the other white (yang). Within each half (the two halves are equally big in size) is contained a smaller circle of the opposite colour. 

This symbol represents the perfect balance of the positive and negative energies. It is the Chinese perspective of balance and continual change. Since the circle is whole, therefore the two halves cannot be complete without the other. Since ancient times, these two major forces is believed to control the universe, including ourselves. Ancient Chinese scientists and philosophers also understood that opposites must exist in order to create a whole.

Sterling Silver, smooth Yin Yang stone pendant.

Approx stone size: 10mm Diameter x 2mm Thickness.

Necklace included - Sterling Silver 18" length - Rolo Link OR Black Leather Cord with Sterling Silver barrel clasp.


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