Amber Baby Bracelet


Amber Baby Bracelet Amber Baby Bracelet

Amber Baby Bracelet

Mimosura Jewellery for Kids


Amber beads have a huge following of believers who insist these pieces help children through the discomfort of teething.  Amber is not a stone, mineral or tree sap but actually a thick liquid that comes from trees.  Over thousands of years this liquid turns into a transparent solid that has succinic acid (this is what many believe help the child) in it . Many believe that amber is a natural pain reliever - and to further that, it  has been used for centuries as a natural anti-inflammatory!   It is also been said that amber is great to help the immune system to fight off other common infections.  

Mimosura Jewellery for Kids has sourced the very best Baltic Amber - and now offers them to you in a baby bracelet form.  These bracelets measure just under 6' in length- and each one comes with a clasp made of amber/plastic screw.  Many have expressed concern about putting baby to sleep with the teething necklaces, now our bracelets minimize this choking concern - safely on the baby's wrist (or ankle).

Each bead on the necklace is knotted before and after each bead- so if one does fall off it will only be one. They are also small enough that it likely won’t cause choking.  

Because these are natural beads no two bracelets are identical.  We offer a solid yellow amber beaded bracelet - and another with alternating dark, clear and yellow amber beads.  

Try these out for yourself...natural anti-inflammatory or just a beautiful amber bracelet - these will fit newborns and children with small wrists up to 7 or 8 years old (depending on the size of the wrist)...My daughter is now 7 and these still fit her wrist!  

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