How to Preserve your Pearls

23 July, 2013

Tips for Pearl Preservation
1. Preserve Pearls from Acid and Alkali 
Nacre is a kind of special Calcium carbonate crystal easy to be dissolved in acid and alkali. Therefore, it is recommended avoiding cooking when wearing pearls for oil smoke features acidic property. Additionally, we should avoid putting on make-up when wearing pearls for cosmetics such as perfume, mousse and nail polish would destruct pearls. Instead, we should put on make-up at first and then wear pearls. It is worth mentioning we should usually use soft dry cloth to wipe pearls and avoid leaving acidic sweat and grease secreted by our body on pearl surface for a long period.

2. Preserve Pearls from Hard Substances
In comparison with metal, pearls feature inferior density and hardness. Thus, we should avoid putting away pearls together with sharp substances so as not to scratch pearl surface.

3. Preserve Pearls from Heat 
Long-term high temperature would accelerate the decomposition of nacre and thus we should avoid exposing pearls in the sun or putting away in a high temperature place. Instead, we should wrap pearls with clean soft cloth and put away pearls in a cool place at a temperature ranging from 18℃ to 26℃.

4. Preserve Pearls from Water 
We should avoid taking a bath and doing sports when wearing pearls for water would seep into pearls from whole (especially necklace or necklace with through hole). Due to different water absorption dilatability of nacre and nuclei, it is easy to cause nacre detachment and residual water inside hole would ferment and further damage nacre. If pearls contact with water for a long period, we should wipe it with dry cloth and air it in a ventilated and shade place.

5. Preserve Pearls from Closeness
We should avoid put away pearls in a sealed jewelry box. Even in winter, we should take out and wear pearls at intervals to air them for long-term storage is easy to make pearls turn yellow. When there are stains on pearl surface in need of cleaning, it is recommended using soft cotton cloth to dip a little water and wipe pearl surface and then drying water on pearl surface with deer skin. Without knowing the PH value of detergent, we should avoid using detergent. Additionally, we should avoid using ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean pearl jewelry.

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